Solar battery 12V38AH SLA SMF VRLA batteries 12V40AH deepcyle storage battery 12v38ah

Yonder solar series battery ,gel ,deepcycle ,maintenance free ,long life 12v38ah ,12v40ah battery


1.sealed lead acid battery long service life
2.low self discharge
3High discharging
4 maintenance free

Key Specifications and special features:



Nominal voltage: 12V

Nominal capacity:38Ah (20 hours rate)

Long service life:5 years float charge  designed

low self-discharge

ABS case

No memory effect after repetitious usage or discharges

Maintenance-free operation

Sealed construction and leak proof

Safety valve regulated system

Operating in any position

Deep discharge recovery



 Computer, uninterrupted power source (solar system)

 Power transmission and transformer station, switch control, and traffic lighting

 Fire fighting, safety device, security and alarm system,

 Transformer project, power plant, solar wind energy project

 Lighting system in offing and freshwater navigation

 Radio communication system

Power-assist vehicle, electromotive tools



Solar Batteries

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