12V33AH SMF lead acid battery UPS battery electric bicycle vehicle Tools accumulater cell

Yonder electric tools vehicles  series battery ,UPS power supply battery deepcycle ,maintenance free ,long life 12v33ah battery


12v 33ah battery
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2.high quality, CE, ISO9001
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Color: Black/white grey



Dimension: 195*130*155(L*W*H)mm


1) Maintenance-Free Operation 
Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology ensures efficient gas recombination up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance. During the expected service life of batteries, no need to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte or add water. 
2) Good Discharging Ability
Tight assembly technology ensures an excellent high-rate discharge performance. 
3) Long Service Life
A unique corrosion-resistant grid alloy ensures batteries have long service life.
4) Low Self Discharge
Using high purity raw materials ensures batteries have less self-discharge. 
5) Environmental & Non-polluting
Gas Recombination technology ensures the battery high seal reacting rate, which can prevent the acid fog from separating out.
6) Safe & Reliable
Efficient venting system automatically release excess gas when the pressure rises above the normal level & reseals the valves when it returns to the normal rate, which can protect the battery from bursting.


1)electric bike Vehicles;

2)Starting batteries of auto/automobile, cars, trucks, motorcycles,

ships, marine boats and other vehicles.

3) Motivity Field: Electric Scooter, Robots, Electric Toys, Electric Tools & Portable Vacuum Cleaners

Data Centre (High Rate UPS)


Banks & Financial Centre

Hospital& Testi

ng Laboratories

Power Generation Plants

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Power Supply

High Power Backup Supply

Security system"Alarm system" "CCTV"

"Video" Camera""Loudspeaker"


Wheel Chair

mobility scooter


LED Light


Wheel chairs


VRLA Battery UPS battery

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