12V24AH UPS battery sealed lead acid battery valve regulated battery 12V26AH battery


sealed lead acid maintenance free
rechargeable battery
in ups/solar system/golf vehicle/lighting


12V 24AH owns super longlife,high quality,multi-useage in telecom project,railway and subway engineering,emegency lighting field,uninterruptible power system, electric bike industriy and so on.Two years of warranty life and ten years of cycle life meet all kinds of technical requirement.



Electric bike

Electric motorcycle

Wheelchair car

Electric toy

Electric vehicle

Electric scooter

Tourism car

1)  Standby use
The float service life, or life expectancy under continuous float charge at 2.25vpc at 20 deg is 5 years for batteries up to 26ah and 10 years for batteries with capacities greater than 30ah.
2)  Cycle use
The number of charge/discharge cycles depends on the capacity taken from the battery (a function of discharge rate and depth of discharge) operating temperature and charging method.
3)  Easy Installation
Batteries are easily installed in a dry and vented place; meanwhile it can be put by the rack to use safely. 
4) compact design
Peakpower batteries utilize state of the art design, highest grade materials, and a carefully controlled plate making process to provide excellent output per cell.
5)  designed-in reliability
Cutting edge manufacturing and process control combined with strict quality assurance procedures guarantee consistent and dependable performance.
6)  Low Self-Discharge
Because of the use of Lead Calcium grids alloy, Peakpower VRLA battery can be stored for long periods of time without recharge.
7)  Wide operating temperature range
Charge: -15 to 50°C
Discharge: -15 to 60°C
Storage: -20 to +50 (in fully charged condition)


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VRLA Battery UPS battery

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